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I don't see Reese Witherspoon in the same category--she's pulled off some more serious stuff and she's got a sideline playing bitches that means she's always been able to do more than rom-coms.

Also, she's married to an agent, has picked up the producing thing and is *driven.* If she weren't, that drunk bitch moment would have killed her career; instead she netted a nomination for Wild and made money producing Gone Girl.

I knew that there were examples of impish survival, but it has to be combined with wit, which you either have or you don't.

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But she was never really competing with Julia Roberts.

IMO it was the bad plastic surgery that sealed her fate.

She got some of the worst plastic surgery in the business, rivaling Jennifer Grey's unrecognizable transformation.

An actress might survive one of those things, but not both."Betty White! Perfect example how to age as a cutie."Good point R35 and R37.

I loved her so much - or at least I loved the type of character that she specialized in... She seemed capable (but not outstanding) of doing heavier material in When A Man Loves A Woman, but nothing else she did outside of the cutesy rolls was anything special.

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