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Whether we are healing from an injury or an autoimmune disease, inflammation is a common health challenge.Nutritionists, functional medicine GPs and physiotherapists commonly use curcumin for its anti-inflammatory qualities.Studies have shown that endothelial dysfunction is a common cause of heart disease, occurring when the endothelium is no longer able to regulate blood pressure, clotting and a number of other factors.

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This includes heart disease, cancer and a whole host of neurological disorders.

The high concentrations of curcumin contained in turmeric act to target multiple steps in the inflammatory pathway, blocking inflammatory markers at the molecular level and thereby significantly lowering long-term inflammation in your body.

Curcumin has also been found to alleviate neuro-inflammation in a mouse model of traumatic brain injury, reducing macrophage and microglial activation and increasing neuronal survival.

A placebo-controlled trial in 40 men who had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia or hydrocele found that oral curcumin supplementation (1.2 g/day) for five days was more effective than placebo in reducing post-surgical edema, tenderness and pain, and was comparable to phenylbutazone therapy (300 mg/day).

Like most of these pharmacologically-active metabolites, Curcumin is involved in self-defense.

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