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Also, his adorable little half smile when Jane said, "This is where I want to be" was pure sunshine on that rough and gruff teddy bear of a man. From the moment she met Kurt Weller, she knew he was home. Thus commences the greatest mission in Blindspot history: "Team Awkward Exit." Reade, Zappata, and Patterson all find hilariously non-subtle reasons to leave so that Kurt and Jane can be alone. You have secured the greatest of all victories for the Jeller fandom.

Patterson isn't loving her job the way she used to. It almost hurts to look at her, but he has to because he missed her so freaking much. I understand the show is about secrets and it seems Jane has some explaining to do once again. He needs Jane to find them and he pulls out a mysterious box that requires both of them to open it.

Zappata isn't happy about Jane letting Roman go, and I think she's considering Keaton's offer to join the CIA even though she shot him down. This was about the time I started to throw things at my television and shout, "Sweet Moses, man! However, the show works better when Jane and Kurt are a united team and you don't get more united than married. Inside is some kind of metal device with Jane's bird tattoo on it.

As for Reade, Quantico is still floating around out there, but he seemed settled on staying put. This all felt very series finale-ish, and it was clear Blindspot wasn't sure if they were coming back for a third season. She told Jane that this wasn't a life she chose and after they stopped Sandstorm, she was going to give her that opportunity — to choose the life she wants. Patterson knows Jane would stay for Kurt, but Patterson is encouraging her to think beyond Kurt Weller. Don't worry, Jeller fans: Patterson hasn't jumped ship. She turns around and tells Patterson that Hist gave Jane the option to leave. What's it going to take to admit how you feel about her? After Roman crashes the ambulance, a piece of metal goes right through Weller's leg. Kurt tells her, "I can't believe I finally found you. We can deal with the strife in the confines of a committed relationship. I also appreciate that Blindspot stopped beating around the bush and just admitted these two are crazy for Cocoa Puffs over each other and let's just get the paperwork signed. Blindspot can't stop themselves from flashing back to a scene we just saw five minutes prior. When Kurt holds the device up to the bird tattoo on Jane's skin, her entire body lights up, revealing another layer of tattoos.

Happily, they are so these potential new career paths opens up season three storylines for Reade, Zappata, and Patterson — especially given the two-year time jump. Jane goes to Patterson for advice, who tells Jane that she should move on and see the world. He has a child coming and Patterson expects that he'll eventually move to the Colorado field office. Patterson admits to Kurt that she told Jane to take it. After, Jane lets Roman go and Weller has stopped Shepherd, he stumbles out of the ambulance. Kurt and Jane finding their way back to one another MARRIED versus finding their way back to one another dating raises the stakes. Also, I can't think of a television show that had the chutzpah to marry their main couple in the third season. I'm not totally sold on Patterson, Reade, and Patterson being kidnapped.

In 1996, ABC was eventually sold to The Walt Disney Company, which has maintained its ownership until the present day.

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