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If the baby you are expecting is a girl then you wouldn't be considered for a 4 bedroom property as they can share until your elder daughter reaches 16.If the baby is a boy then same sex children are expected to share a bedroom until age 16..your son is 17 then you may just qualify for that extra bedroom.

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Whether all in the same bed or as far from each other as possible Probably introduce it slowly if they're not used to it. at 6 she should know herself and be able to say if she doesnt feel right.dont want to make her share a room with a boy who isnt her full brother and she doesnt like it.. my girl is 7 now but i know that she is pretty shy when it comes to getting dressed and things so she may feel like she needs her own space...

also maybe the boy wont want to share with her- boys growing up?

I have known this to happen before, a friend had a one bedroom flat and was expected to sleep in the living room, until the child was 5 then they got rehoused.

x hi there me and my boyfriend want to move in together i have wee boy that 5 and his girl is 6 and his wee boy is 4 what i wanted to know if what age can the boy and girl share bedroom till and also are there any rules about children sharing room when not related i stay in glasgow area i have tried google but no luck You would have to check with your local council to be sure.

If you have another girl, she could share with your 10 year old, and if you have a boy he could share with your 17 year old...

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